Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pei Beta?
Pei Beta is a new online payments platform, powered by Kina Bank that allows customers of any bank to pay bills and initiate Mobile and Easipay Top ups.

2. What are the Bank Fees?
There are no fees for customers using this platform

3. How do I access this platform?

  1. Click on the site
  3. Create an account by completing the form and click CREATE ACCOUNT (Ensure to save your Email address and Password for Login)
  4. An Account Activation email will be sent to your email address
  5. Open the link, select ACTIVATE button to activate your account
  6. Enter your email address and password then select LOGIN
  7. Pick up 6 digit OTP from your email and enter into the OPT Verification field then select SUBMIT

4. Can I access this platform overseas?
Yes, Pei Beta can be accessed globally, 24/7

5. I do not bank with KINA Bank. Can I still create an account?
Yes, it doesn’t matter who you bank with, you can still use Pei Beta

6. Where do I see my transaction history and how far back can I go back to check my transaction history?

  1. Select Dashboard.
  2. You can view your last 10 transactions

7. I did not save my Transaction receipt. How can I retrieve it?
You can easily check the details by selecting the dashboard and navigating through the transaction history. When you find the transaction, click on status to view the details.

8. If I have an issue, who can I contact?
Click on the email [email protected] and send us a message. A response will be sent to you within 24 hours of receipt during normal business hours.

9. Where do I register my disputed transactions?

  1. If you have used your Kina Bank Card, complete the dispute form and lodge it at your local branch.
  2. If you have used a card from another Bank, please raise a dispute directly with them.